July 11th - October 31st 2020

  The Summertime is the perfect time for your child to perfect their craft as an actor or gain a new love for acting. Here at Burk Lei we strive in helping your child learn about the many different aspects of acting as well as gain firsthand knowledge from seasoned professional actors. We are providing 2 courses: Beginning (If your child is new to acting) and Intermediate (If your child has some acting class experience). Both classes are scheduled to meet 4 Saturdays a month Starting July 11, 2020. Students must signup with Google and access the provided classroom link. All assignments will be on Google Classroom for parents and students to keep track of. Due to COVID-19, classes will consist of no more that 10 students each and will follow all health guidelines. Parents can find all updates in google classroom once their child is registered. 

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